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 Sweater or Jacket


 Swim Suits (2)


 Workout/Yoga Gear



 Footwear, Flip-Flops, Sneakers, Walking Shoes



 Cell Phone

 iPad or Digital Reader



 Extra Batteries

 International Phone for Overseas Trips





 Beach Bag

 Sun Hat/Visor


 Reading Glasses/Sunglasses

 Small Crossbody Purse

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Packing Tips


 Stock your toiletries bag with travel-size products and duplicates of items you use regularly


 Group like items (T-shirts, socks, undergarments) in packing cubes or zippered bags.

 Compression bags come in handy with bulky items such as sweaters.


 Bring a foldable laundry bag for dirty clothes.


 Pack heavier items such as sneakers and shoes on the bottom, nearest the wheels, so they wonít crush your clothes when the bag is upright.


 Donít forget to stuff sneakers with socks, scarves, ties, belts or other small items. Every inch counts!


 Always bring a pashmina Ė it does duty as a wrap, blanket, pillow, cover-up or head scarf, and dresses up a basic T-shirt.


 Keep foldable slippers in your carry-on so you can slip off your shoes in flight

 Leave the hairdryer at home.





 Credit & Debit Cards

 Driverís License & Passport

 Health Insurance Cards

 Reading Material




 Shampoo & Conditioner

 Styling Products

 Skin Care

 Toothbrush & Toothpaste




 Hand Sanitizer/Wipes

 Insect Repellent


 Small Tissues

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